Pinning a footer

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The nag pulled the frail cart along.

Twist the valve and release hot steam.

The vamp of the shoe had a gold buckle.

The smell of burned rags itches my nose.

Xew pants lack cuffs and pockets.

The marsh will freeze when cold enough.

They slice the sausage thin with a knife.

The bloom of the rose lasts a few days.

A gray mare walked before the colt.

Breakfast buns are fine with a hot drink.

Bottles hold four kinds of rum.

The man wore a feather in his felt hat.

He wheeled the bike past. the winding road.

Drop the ashes on the worn old rug.

A fence cuts through the corner lot.

Oats are a food eaten by horse and man.

Their eyelids droop for want. of sleep.

The sip of tea revives his tired friend.

There are many ways to do these things.

Tuck the sheet under the edge of the mat.

A force equal to that would move the earth.

We like to see clear weather.

The work of the tailor is seen on each side.

Take a chance and win a china doll.

Shake the dust from your shoes, stranger.

She was kind to sick old people.

The dusty bench stood by the stone wall.

The square wooden crate was packed to be shipped.

We dress to suit the weather of most days.

Smile when you say nasty words.

A bowl of rice is free with chicken stew.

The water in this well is a source of good health.

Take shelter in this tent, but keep still.

That guy is the writer of a few banned books.

The little tales they tell are false.

The door was barred, locked, and bolted as well.

Ripe pears are fit for a queen's table.

A big wet stain was on the round carpet.

The kite dipped and swayed, but stayed aloft.

The pleasant hours fly by much too soon.

The room was crowded with a wild mob.

This strong arm shall shield your honor.

She blushed when he gave her a white orchid.

The beetle droned in the hot June sun.

Press the pedal with your left foot.

Neat plans fail without luck.

The black trunk fell from the landing.

The bank pressed for payment of the debt.

The theft of the pearl pin was kept secret.

Shake hands with this friendly child.

The vast space stretched into the far distance.

A rich farm is rare in this sandy waste.

His wide grin earned many friends.

Flax makes a fine brand of paper.

Hurdle the pit with the aid of a long pole.

A strong bid may scare your partner stiff.

Even a just cause needs power to win.

Peep under the tent and see the clowns.

The leaf drifts along with a slow spin.

Cheap clothes are flashy but don’t last.

A thing of small note can cause despair.

Flood the mails with requests for this book.

A thick coat of black paint covered all.

The pencil was cut to be sharp at both ends.

Those last words were a strong statement.

He wrote his name boldly at the top of tile sheet.

Dill pickles are sour but taste fine.

Down that road is the way to the grain farmer.

Either mud or dust are found at all times.

The best method is to fix it in place with clips.

If you mumble your speech will be lost.

At night the alarm roused him from a deep sleep.

Read just what the meter says.

Fill your pack with bright trinkets for the poor.

The small red neon lamp went out.

Clams are small, round, soft, and tasty.

The fan whirled its round blades softly.

The line where the edges join was clean.

Breathe deep and smell the piny air.

It matters not if he reads these words or those.

A brown leather bag hung from its strap.

A toad and a frog are hard to tell apart.

A white silk jacket goes with any shoes.

A break in the dam almost caused a flood.

Paint the sockets in the wall dull green.

The child crawled into the dense grass.

Bribes fail where honest men work.

Trample the spark, else the flames will spread.

The hilt. of the sword was carved with fine designs.

A round hole was drilled through the thin board.

Footprints showed the path he took up the beach.

She was waiting at my front lawn.

A vent near the edge brought in fresh air.

Prod the old mule with a crooked stick.

It is a band of steel three inches wide.

The pipe ran almost the length of the ditch.

It was hidden from sight by a mass of leaves and shrubs.

The weight. of the package was seen on the high scale.

Wake and rise, and step into the green outdoors.

The green light in the brown box flickered.

The brass tube circled the high wall.

The lobes of her ears were pierced to hold rings.

Hold the hammer near the end to drive the nail.

Next Sunday is the twelfth of the month.

Every word and phrase he speaks is true.

He put his last cartridge into the gun and fired.

They took their kids from the public school.

Drive the screw straight into the wood.

Keep the hatch tight and the watch constant.

Sever the twine with a quick snip of the knife.

Paper will dry out when wet.

Slide the catch back and open the desk.

Help the weak to preserve their strength.

A sullen smile gets few friends.

Stop whistling and watch the boys march.

Jerk the cord, and out tumbles the gold.

Slidc the tray across the glass top.

The cloud moved in a stately way and was gone.

Light maple makes for a swell room.

Set the piece here and say nothing.

Dull stories make her laugh.

A stiff cord will do to fasten your shoe.

Get the trust fund to the bank early.

Choose between the high road and the low.

A plea for funds seems to come again.

He lent his coat to the tall gaunt stranger.

There is a strong chance it will happen once more.

The duke left the park in a silver coach.

Greet the new guests and leave quickly.

When the frost has come it is time for turkey.

Sweet words work better than fierce.

A thin stripe runs down the middle.

A six comes up more often than a ten.

Lush fern grow on the lofty rocks.

The ram scared the school children off.

The team with the best timing looks good.

The farmer swapped his horse for a brown ox.

Sit on the perch and tell the others what to do.

A steep trail is painful for our feet.

The early phase of life moves fast.

Green moss grows on the northern side.

Tea in thin china has a sweet taste.

Pitch the straw through the door of the stable.

The latch on the beck gate needed a nail.

The goose was brought straight from the old market.

The sink is the thing in which we pile dishes.

A whiff of it will cure the most stubborn cold.

The facts don’t always show who is right.

She flaps her cape as she parades the street.

The loss of the cruiser was a blow to the fleet.

Loop the braid to the left and then over.

Plead with the lawyer to drop the lost cause.

Calves thrive on tender spring grass.

Post no bills on this office wall.

Tear a thin sheet from the yellow pad.

A cruise in warm waters in a sleek yacht is fun.

A streak of color ran down the left edge.

It was done before the boy could see it.

Crouch before you jump or miss the mark.

Pack the kits and don’t forget the salt.

The square peg will settle in the round hole.

Fine soap saves tender skin.

Poached eggs and tea must suffice.

Bad nerves are jangled by a door slam.

Ship maps are different from those for planes.

Dimes showered down from all sides.

They sang the same tunes at each party.

The sky in the west is tinged with orange red.

The pods of peas ferment in bare fields.

The horse balked and threw the tall rider.

The hitch between the horse and cart broke.

Pile the coal high in the shed corner.

The gold vase is both rare and costly.

The knife was hung inside its bright sheath.

The rarest spice comes from the far East.

The roof should be tilted at a sharp slant.

A smatter of French is worse than none.

The mule trod the treadmill day and night.

The aim of the contest is to raise a great fund.

To send it. now in large amounts is bad.

There is a fine hard tang in salty air.

Cod is the main business of the north shore.

The slab was hewn from heavy blocks of slat’e.

Dunk the stale biscuits into strong drink.

Hang tinsel from both branches.

Cap the jar with a tight brass cover.

The poor boy missed the boat again.

Be sure to set the lamp firmly in the hole.

Pick a card and slip it. under the pack.

A round mat will cover the dull spot.

The first part of the plan needs changing.

The good book informs of what we ought to know.

The mail comes in three batches per day.

You cannot brew tea in a cold pot.

Dots of light betrayed the black cat.

Put the chart on the mantel and tack it down.

The night shift men rate extra pay.

The red paper brightened the dim stage.

See the player scoot to third base.

Slide the bill between the two leaves.

Many hands help get the job done.

We don't like to admit our small faults.

No doubt about the way the wind blows.

Dig deep in the earth for pirate's gold.

The steady drip is worse than a drenching rain.

A flat pack takes less luggage space.

Green ice frosted the punch bowl.

A stuffed chair slipped from the moving van.

The stitch will serve but needs to be shortened.

A thin book fits in the side pocket.

The gloss on top made it unfit to read.

The hail pattered on the burnt brown grass.

Seven seals were stamped on great sheets.

Our troops are set to strike heavy blows.

The store was jammed before the sale could start.

It was a bad error on the part of the new judge.

One step more and the board will collapse.

Take the match and strike it against your shoe.

The pot boiled, but the contents failed to jell.

The baby puts his right foot in his mouth.

The bombs left most of the town in ruins.

Stop and stare at the hard working man.

The streets are narrow and full of sharp turns.

The pup jerked the leash as he saw a feline shape.

Open your book to the first page.

Fish evade the net, and swim off.